No greater Price

The Sun shines clear in the sky’s blue above,
As the breeze teases my hair as I stand upon the cliff.
The choice has been made,
But it wasn’t mine.

The Storm I had beheld is nowhere to be seen.
The town sits near the shore,
Content and untroubled.
As the roaring in my mind fades.

My friends, saved from the maelstrom,
Blissfully unaware of the doom that had been averted.
In the blink of an eye, the memory of what the cost was engulfs me.

It bears down on me with all the force of a freight train.
I succumb.
My soul cannot bear it,
Nor my heart.
It cripples, maims and tears the fibre of my being.

I will never see her again.
Nor hear her laugh, or joke.
Listen to her breathe as she sleeps.
Or feel her embrace.

I am broken.
A shell whose heart and soul has been torn from it.
Left to float down the rapids of time,
Lost to a memory that never happened.

My eyes burn with tears as I sink to the ground,
Clutching my stomach as I scream.
And as I weep.

What was it all for?
What was the point?
I saw death before her again and again.
With all my power.
I still couldn’t save her.

But she chose it.
To avert destruction tenfold.
She had stood there,
Their guardian angel.

They would never know.
But I would.

I could never forget.
I will never forget.
And I will always love her.

For all of time.

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Joe Palazzolo
Joe Palazzolo

Loved it! This was moving. True talent!

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