Kate and Bunny


The rabbit ran quickly, zig-zagging through bushes and shrubs, jumping over spiny thorns and ducking under overgrown roots, as if it’s life was at stake, which, it was.

It had been close to dawn, just at the point when the sun starts to wake, when the rabbit – okay, for the sake of sprucing things up a bit, I’m naming the rabbit Nom (yup, Nom, as in nom, nom, nom) – So… Nom was asleep.

Or, as asleep as a rabbit can be, because a rabbit’s ears are always listening.

Always waiting for – Thump, Thump!

Two quick successive sounds. Barely audible. But it was enough.

All the rabbits in the warren, including Nom, were instantly awake. Their eyes bleary, quickly trying to adjust to the dark, watching the entrances as more sounds could be heard, like a wave, spreading, coming closer –

And that’s when Nom bolted. Nope, no thanks, is probably what was going through the poor rabbit’s mind as it pelted across the undergrowth.

Nom looked back… and almost came to a halt out of fear.

Because there, outside the entrances, were 2 mature foxes, their red-brown fur blending easily in the falling leaves.

All thoughts washed away, or rather, were blurred into one singular thought: Run.

Nom ran, faster than it had ever run, as if trying to break the light barrier, hoping to put the sounds of his scared brethren behind him.

You know, it’s not easy being a rabbit in the wild.

Well, sort-of in the wild. Fairly close-by the rabbit’s warren was a small town, a place where Nom decided to find some refuge, since it was the only place the foxes were hesitant to venture.

Not exactly the morning you want to wake up to.




It is not a pleasant feeling, waking up to a person screaming.

Generally speaking, the adrenaline in your body spikes, you sit up, look around and try to figure out whether there’s a fire to be put out, or a burglar to be stabbed.

And, although the scream in question was muffled by the room’s door, it was loud enough to snap Kate out of her nice dream and back into the life of a highschooler living in a dorm with a dozen other girls.

Then it registered to Kate that one of them was screaming.

“What? Who is that? What’s going on?”, Kate mumbled as she hurriedly slid into some slippers and opened her room door.

Opposite her, Max was also opening her room door.

Thank Goodness it’s not Max screaming, thought Kate.

The two girls stood there, scrubbing the sleep out of their eyes, trying to locate the source of the scream. They didn’t have to wait long.

“R-RABBITT!!”, screamed Victoria as she came stumbling out of the showers, her arms in the air, her towel still wrapped around her body.


Kate looked around at the sound, as did Victoria; Max had taken a photo.

Of course Max would take a photo right now, thought Kate.

Victoria, now embarrassed, wet, and wrapped only in a towel, sprinted down the hallway, went into her room and locked the door.

“Well, this one’s a keeper”, said Max, holding up the photo for Kate to see.

Kate had to smile, it was pretty funny.

“I’m going to check out the rabbit, make sure it’s okay”, said Kate to Max.

“Alright, I’ll come with you…to provide support”, said Max, grinning.




Brooke was standing at the entrance to the showers.

“Dana’s already gone to look for Samuel. I think you should stay out of there. It could be feral, or rabid”, said Brooke, as Kate and Max approached.

“It’s a rabbit, and maybe it’s just scared”, said Kate, pushing open the door to the showers.

Max spotted the rabbit first, since its white coating almost blended seamlessly with the walls.

Kate squealed in delight.

“Oh, look at how cute it is!!”, she exclaimed. “Es a bunny wabit. Yes, a very cute bunny wabit.”

“Also a very messy rabbit,” said Max, pointing out the pile of feces behind the rabbit in one of the corners.

“Well, Victoria probably scared it half to death with her screaming. But I won’t do that, no. You can come here, it’s safe now”, said Kate, speaking to the rabbit.

Whether it was Kate’s soft voice, or the words themselves, the rabbit slowly walked forwards and started sniffing her stretched out hand.

Then the rabbit stepped into her hands and she lifted him up to her face, “So Cute!!!”, exclaimed Kate, grinning from ear to ear.

Very quickly it seemed, the rabbit had adopted Kate as a second mother, and the school decided it was okay for Kate to keep it as a pet, as long as she kept proper care of it, and it did not harm any of the other students (which wasn’t really a problem since Victoria had decided never to go near the bunny).


Nom had survived to see another day.

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