One Crazy Year

This past year has been simultaneously the craziest and best one of my life.

Joining this site set a chain of events in my life into motion that have led me to a much better place than the one I was in two years ago. Because of this site I moved away from a household I was unhappy in, I looked into starting school later this year, I gained a new, amazing group of friends, and the most insane thing of all, I got engaged to someone I met here on this site. I can say with the utmost confidence and sincerity that Life is Strange Fans made me happy again.

To my new circle of friends; you know who you are.
You guys are the best. I’m happy to have met each one of you and to have had the pleasure of spending this last year with you all. From movie night to Cards Against Humanity to Tabletop Simulator to Dungeons and Dragons, from the good times to the bad, I’ve had an amazing year because of you all.

To Amy
I feel like I should put something here, directed at you, since we met here. You’re the best friend and spouse I could ask for. I love you, dude.

To everyone else
Thank you to all the other people I’ve had the great pleasure of talking to on this site. You’re all amazing people. It’s all of you guys that make this place such an amazing spot to meet people and connect. As I type this the chat box in the lower right corner of my screen scrolls along, messages popping up every second. It’s a beautiful thing, and I hope that little chat box is that way for a long, long time.

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