One Day Hero

“Chloe was resting on her bed, in her bedroom, looking at the ceiling while listening to her music.  Max Caulfield, meanwhile, was repairing her photo camera, so she could take some stunning photos later. Chloe took out some cigarettes from her pocket and she decided to smoke as soon as her thoughts began to disturb her. Chloe was jealous of Max being a superhero, she was like a female Doctor Who! Time travelling, helping to other people, and even helping close friends, it’s such an amazing power, for very interesting adventures ! Chloe finished her cigarette and she sighed deeply.  Max looked at her with worried expression on her face.

“Chloe, are you alright? You seem distracted lately.”

Chloe hissed and she decided to not answer. After few long minutes of silence, she decided to tell her what was on her mind.

“Max, I really wish I could go back in time and help someone. I want to feel special too. I don’t want to be useless. I want to have some adventures too. ”
“Chloe, I don’t know how I got this superpower, to be honest.  If I could figure out how I did, I could tell you about it.”

Chloe decided to leave the room in silence, closing the doors loudly, making a loud noise by it. It seems that Chloe is pretty irritated by Max’s answer.

She decided to take a lonely walk outside. So peaceful and quiet, no one else was around, just her. The blue haired teenage girl decided to move around ,breath in some fresh air to make herself feeling relaxed.  Then suddenly, she noticed a young girl standing in the street, who is texting on phone while walking slowly. Since the street was pretty empty, Chloe shrugged and she decided to ignore her. Just an typical piedestrant, nothing really new. But suddenly, the car from nowhere has arrived.  The blond girl with a phone in her hands still seems focused at texting. But , the vehicle is coming ! She was in danger !

“You little brat ! Turn off the fucking phone and look around yourself ! ”

Chloe screamed, her voice echoed loudly enough to reach it to Max’s ears.  Wait, Chloe is in danger?  Max got up from her sitting place and she decided to run outside. Chloe widened her eyes as well as soon as she has noticed that the piedestrant can’t hear her at all. Oh god, oh no. She wished she knew sign language to contact with her, but she didn’t!  She bit her own lips and she decided to run, managing to tackle her out of the way, just mere seconds  before she would get hit by a car. The girl was safe but Chloe got hurt instead. She sustained injuries and they were beginning to bleed. Max screamed her name then she decided to reach hand to go back in time, so she could tell her about this event, knowing now what was bothering her lately. And now, she is back to the beginning of Chloe’s whining about that she want to be hero , blah blah blah.

“Max, I really wish I could go back in time and help someone. I want to feel special too. I don’t want to be useless. I want to have some adventures too. ”

The same tone of voice, the same emotions, the same face expression, everything is back to the beginning of this whole thing. Now, she must shut up and get ready to help the girl.

“Chloe.  I actually saw that someone will need your help soon. Please, take this paper. ”

Max Caulfield handed over the white paper with message ” Be careful, okay ,kid ? You need to be careful, especially when your parents are worrying about you so much.”  Yeah, this one will convice the young disabled girl to watch out herself while texting on smartphone.

“There , take it, and just go and give her a note , since she can’t hear you, you sure will be her hero.”

She gave a warm smile to her friend.  Chloe blinked at the note , then she shrugged.

” Okay, why not, like some memes on internet said – YOLO.”

She fastly got up and she ran outside her house, then she noticed the girl with a phone in her hand on the middle of street ,and she pated her shoulder to get attention from her.  The strange girl looked up at the blue haired girl and she did a one step backward. Chloe handed over the paper and  after few long seconds, she received a hug from the little girl.

It made Chloe act so awkward ! Max started to chuckling as soon as she saw her face. She took the newly fixed photo camera  and she decided to take a photo of Chloe being hugged by this innocent girl.  The girl answered on the note. ” Thanks you, hero. I will.” She decided to stick to the pavement, and soon, she has noticed the car which it was driving on full speed. So close! Its vehicle was probably being driven by some crazy student. Oh crazy young teens.   Chloe held the note close to her chest, being so happy that she was finally someone’s hero, then she decided to come back upstairs to show it to Max.

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