Pizza Samuel

“H-Hello? This is Kirby, uhm.. Can I order a pizza please? Yes. Pizza Vita strano. Family sized. Uh-huh. Delivery in about 30 seconds? That’s hella slow nowadays! With all due respect, sir, this is better gonna be the best pizza I ever had…”

About 32 seconds later.

“OH. MY. GOD. How could I ever live without this piece of cheesy fuel for the kind and brave? I didn’t even know I was hungry, but now I cannot stop eating. Every single ingredient is just as unique as the other, and there’s no way to tell which one is most important. They are.. they are perfect just the way they are! Oh gosh, what if they run out of awesomesauce or bacon? I’d totally be stuck in the wafflezone! Alright Kirby, time to be an everyday hero and aid the pizza supply.”

I’m just a narrative text passage, but am I the only one who gets hungry? Please switch to another metaphor, man!

“In a world two steps from facing a devastating tornado, it’s so fucking soothing to know who your bae’s are. In whatever ending possible.”

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