Prescott’s Portfolio

Nathan sits alone in his room with the lights turned off. It’s 4am and he is writing on his Blog.

“I’ve been prescribed stronger medication and i despise taking it. If i take them i feel like everything that makes me great is dulled down and taken away from me. I will never be considered a great artist if i’m forced to take medication that makes me feel this way so i’ve decided to abstain for the sake of my art.”

Nathan has had difficulty sleeping since he has been abstaining from his newly prescribed medications and often found himself awake in the early hours of the morning.

Since he would not be able to sleep Nathan decides to go out and add to his portfolio.

Although Nathan knew he would get into Blackwell Academy regardless, he wanted to be known for his skills and not only for his ‘Prescott’ heritage.

Setting up his DSLR Camera he heads out of his home. His parents were never home so nobody would know if he was not home come the morning.

Outside of the Prescott home was a large woodland owned by the Prescott family.

Nathan spent most of his time here as it was the only place where he could feel free.

“I GOT YOU YOU FUCK” Nathan snapshots an unsuspecting white rabbit startled by the flash caught like a rabbit in the headlights

Nathan continues further into the woodland taking photos of whatever he considered ‘Art’ in the dull blue light of morning.

A howling came from the distance.

Nathan became exited by the sound of howling and began to join in at the top of his voice camera held to his chest and head raised up at the sky


Nathan begins to run to try and find the source of the howling sprinting over fallen tress and obstacles until


His foot becomes deeply lodged in an unsuspecting branch and he falls forward.

Nathan and his camera hit the floor hard and his camera flashes him in the eyes blinding him momentarily.

Nathan rubs his eyes and waits till his eyes adjust again.

As his eyes slowly adjust he notices a black shape in the distance.

“Wolf!” Nathan still stuck in the branch tries to reach out for his camera

The wolf stood proudly under the moon making a perfect image.

Touching it with the tips of his fingers he manages to pull it towards him and puts it to his eye ready to snap a photo

Just as he snapped the photo the wolf began to move

“Ugh! you ruined my shot”

The wolf walked forward until three other wolfs appeared from the bushes.

The three wolfs stood facing the lone wolf.

Nathan watched in anticipation as a silence filled the air as the wolfs slowly approached the lone wolf.

The three wolfs surrounded the lone wolf and began to growl. “GRrRrRrRroOWwLl”

The lone wolf attempts to back up but find himself surrounded and becomes aggregated showing his sharp teeth “BARK BARK BARK”

All of a sudden a fight broke out.

Nathan watched in awe as the wolfs ripped into one another so much so that he had forgotten about his camera.

Despite being outnumbered the lone wolf did not back down and continued to fight off the group of wolfs which had surrounded him.




The lone wolf had managed to fight off the group as they backed off slowly into the bushes still facing the lone wolf and snarling but with one final “BARK!” had the group running

The lone wolf the victor stood alone on the rock injured and still snarling with pain.

Nathan still in awe of what had happened and still stuck in the branch put the viewfinder to his eye and “SNAP!”

A huge white flash engulfed the forest.

Nathan had forgot to turn the flash off and quickly realised his foolish actions and attempted to hide his camera and tried not to move.

“I’m an idiot!”

The lone wolf still snarling turned his bloodied head towards the source of the flash and began to walk slowly towards Nathan.

Nathan attempts to free his trapped foot from the branch in an attempt to escape but it was truly stuck.

Nathan fumbled with his laces in an attempt to remove his shoe but again his efforts were futile.

The lone wolf blinded by the fight began to pick up speed towards Nathan.

Nathan summoned all of his strength as a last attempt to free his foot but it was no use


The lone wolf now running at top speed towards Nathan’s position blinded and barking violently.

Nathan realised that his last moments were approaching and made one last decision for the sake of his art.


The lone wolf closed the distance between them. Nathan grabbed his Camera and at point blank range of the lone wolf began to snap pictures.

Nathan did not look away from the wolf or close his eyes. He was determined to get that one last perfect shot.


Nathan with one last flash took what he believed would be his final picture before his death and one which he would be remembered by.

Suddenly the lone wolf leaped over Nathan as he pressed the ‘burst photo’ option on his camera accidentally snapping a photograph of every second the magnificent creature was suspended in the air.


The lone wolf landed behind Nathan and ran off into the woodlands.

It appeared in the final moments that Nathan’s foot had become free by itself and he was now able to free himself from the branch.

Nathan ran home leaving his shoe behind.

“These photos are Pure Art! everyone in the art world will know the name Nathan Prescott”

Nathan reached his room and quickly plugged his camera into his laptop to save the images.

He quickly realised that none of the photographs he had taken were of a good quality, in fact none of the photographs he had taken contained anything that he had saw that night. No white rabbit. No wolfs. Just trees, and branches, and earth. “Nothing…”

Nathan reached for his prescription medicines from which he had been abstaining, unscrewed the safety lid and poured a dosage into his hand.

Nathan went onto his blog and deleted his recent blog post.

Nathan with regret threw the medication from his palm into his mouth and closed his laptop.

He never missed a dose since.

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