Pursuit of greatness – Chapter Four

An early birthday.

She had lost count of how many times she felt the syringe penetrate her neck, how many times she had been forced to watch her best friend being shot to death. The risk of losing her voice after screaming, “Chloe behind you, watch out!” for the entire duration of her sleep, increased with each replay she had to endure. The deafening silence took over her again and everything turned to black. Something sharp stung her neck once more, and the nightmare began its replay once more.

However, this replay had details that none of the previous replays had. There was a thunder in the sky, flashes and dreadful roars followed it meticulously. Chloe once more got shot, but this time there followed no silence. The mental exhaustion Max’s nightmares had caused her made this anomaly utterly terrifying, she screamed for all she is worth, tried to wake herself up once more from this mental hell of hers. The silence that shortly followed her scream sent shivers down her spine. No more thunder and no more flashes, only a warm soft feeling of security overwhelmed her terrorized senses.

Jefferson kept a steady grip on Max till she calmed down from her terrors. He gently woke her up, gave her a concerned look and went through the draperies leaving her alone.

Why is he showing me this kindness? Why is he doing any of this at all! What happened to the Mr Jefferson that was the deciding factor of my choice of school? His behaviour raised so many questions within Max she didn’t even know what to make out of it all. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder which shook her gently. She shrieked out in surprise at the sudden body contact between the two.

“Max, it’s time for your breakfast, do you think you can eat something light?” Jefferson asked and to which Max nodded sluggishly. He took a spoon of Belgian waffle, and fed it to her.

Oh the irony! I had Belgian waffles over at the Two Whales Diner just a couple of days ago… the realization of what this one thought meant made Max wake up instantly and be more aware of her company. Although she can’t do much when he decides to take action, but she sure wouldn’t let him have his way without a fight.

Jefferson fed her the Belgian waffle, and put a straw in her mouth for her to drink some water to wash it all down it. To assure her that the water wasn’t containing anything inappropriate Jefferson drank some before he gave the water to Max. While she was enjoying her drug-free water he inspected the damages from the night.

“Max I see you’ve been fighting quite a bit this night, you have a lot of scratched and bruises around your arms and legs. It’s such a waste for you to hurt yourself like this… I would’ve preferred you didn’t throw a tantrum in your sleep Max…” He glances up at her, his calm resolution seemed less calm when his eyes locked with Max. “Not to mention… You managed to damage MY chair… how are you planning to repay this to me?” He raised his voice with the last question, slightly losing his composure.

He sighed and recollected his composure. “Max, we’re going to continue from where we stopped at yesterday.” He took up a syringe from the tray and pulled the arm of her jumper so her veins became exposed, with trained precision he inserted the syringe and emptied its contents. His sudden increase in speed took Max by surprise and her rewind was to slow. The syringe pulls out from her vein, the arm of her jumper goes back to cover her arms. She stopped her rewind as she realized she was too late. Jefferson once more uncovered her veins, stuck in the syringe into her vein, and inject yet another dose of whatever drug it contained.

“What have you done! What is in that syringe?!” Max panicked, desperately fighting for the sake of fighting. Already knowing it’s too late to put up any struggle. It should soon be over for her anyhow.

“Don’t you worry about that Max, all you need to do now is to relax.” Jefferson slowly explained to Max.

“Relax? You just injected the syringe twice!” Max exhale, fear, exhaustion and panic rendering Max unable to think straight. Not realising she had rewound time. “You’ll kill me!” She exclaims frightened, her fear of death surprised Max herself.

“Max, I have no intention to end this opportunity earlier than I have too. Twice? I injected you once Max. It must be the lack of sleep playing tricks on you, Max. You have to relax.” Jefferson assures her, he takes her hand in his and stares into her eyes trying to calm the storm which brewed inside her.

“No, no you don’t understand Mr Jefferson! You DID in fact inject me twice! You just don’t remember that!” She now completely lost her mind to the exhaustion and panic of not being able to explain her situation. She started to jerk in the chair, tried to force her hands free, to do anything. She just had to get out of her cursed throne!

“MAX, STOP IT!” Jefferson growled. He turned infuriated over the fact that Max was hurting herself again. He grabbed her chin, held her hard. He looked into her eyes, and smiled to himself. He saw something he had missed before. He backed up from her and took his camera and started to take photographs of Max fighting no one and nothing but herself.

“Stop taking photos JEFFERSON! YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!” Max desperately cried, a fear for her life started to seep into her for the first time since she became captive in this cursed chair.

Suddenly Max stopped jerking in her seat. She sank where she sat. Her body collapsed in the chair, her whole being suddenly relaxed. Her mind turned slack. Slowly turned to black.  Her heart slowly lost power, each beat feel into a pattern of deceleration. Until it slowly stopped all together.

“Max, this is perfect! The moment you succumb to the drugs is just marvellous! I’m so happy you’re this beautiful Max!” Jefferson happily says, he put the camera on the table and turned back to look at Max. This time he saw something was very wrong with her. Max, slouched in the chair, the head hung down, her chest no longer heaved for air. He walked over to one of the hospital trolleys that stood alongside the wall. He sighed and picked up an epinephrine injection and walked back to Max.  He unstrapped her limbs and puts her lying on the floor. He removed her jumper and t-shirt to expose Max upper body to the naked eye. He proceeded with CPR, after minute or so with no response from the dead girl he started to worry. When another minute passed he became desperate. He kept up with the CPR afraid he let this wonderful model slip away from his grasps. God I promised I wouldn’t cause another Rachel Amber fiasco! This one just turned into one! He cried to himself, when suddenly Max’s chest started to move on its own accord. A slow, careful movement of her soft breasts, slowly rising towards the celling. And then they sank again, only to rise once more. He carefully injected the epinephrine injection into her thigh to help kick start the reboot of Maxine Caulfield.

He lifted up the weakened Max to place her in the chair again. While he lifted her up she got a perfect view off the right armrest of the chair, not a single scratch on the chair, even the binds looked factory new. However, she doesn’t have the power or will to remember why she bothered to notice the condition of the chair. Jefferson strapped her to the chair, he took her cheek in his palm and gently lifted her head.

“Do you want something to drink Max? Just say whatever you want and I’ll make the proper arrangement to please you.” He asked the weary Max.

“Just… please… Mr Jefferson… let me go… set me free please…” Max begged Jefferson.

“That’s not something to drink now is it Max? You need to deserve your freedom and right now I can’t say that you do. You’ve not worked near enough to even have the right to utter that kind of nonsense. It’s time for you to step down from your high horse.” Jefferson explained in a matter of fact tone. “I’ll bring a glass of water; will that suffice?”

“I’m… I’m sorry… “Max cried out. The drugs, the mental exhaustion and the exhaustion of going on and off various drugs started to break her down. “Can I… Can I please have the water?”

“Yes, you can have the water Max.” With that Jefferson stood up, observed his tormented model. He just stood there, absorbed Max, noted her wounded wrists, her bare chest fighting subtly for each breath. Her face furrowed in torment. Her eyes swollen by the all the tears she has felled, struggling to gain focus from exhaustion. Sweat rolling down her beautiful face. This is the moment! Jefferson thought while he took the camera and started taking photographs. Quickly fell into a rhythm and forgot all about his promise of water.

“Please… The water… you promised…” Max croaked.

“Excellent Max, I love the look you currently have on your face! The water will have to wait for a moment!” Jefferson exclaimed happily. Taking pictures of the weak and vulnerable Max. Each passing moment harmed her, her throat hurt from all the screaming and the tube had most likely harmed her oesophagus in the process of entering and exiting her.

“Water… Please… You promised…” Max croaked once again. A salt flavour slowly spread throughout her mouth from tears slowly sipping through the springs of her mouth.

“MAX! WAIT FOR YOUR TURN!” Jefferson screams at her, impatient and annoyed at her begging. “YOU’LL GET YOUR WATER IN DUE TIME!” He exhales, “For now I have a more important task at hand” he tried to explain before he fell back into his rhythm of taking photographs.

Max continued her cry for water but at this point Jefferson kept ignoring her requests. After all, her displeasure only increased the chance of the one picture he was chasing and her tries to communicate only added more elements to the pictures as a whole.

After a good 10 minutes he finally put his camera down. “And now Max, is the time for your water” he explained. He stroked her cheek, wiping of tears with his thumb. He then turned around and went out to get the water.  Max shoulders slouched and her head hung even lower. Lost on the hope of Jefferson’s promise of water, which seemed to never get fulfilled.

Jefferson came back from the behind the draperies with a glass of water, it took longer than usual to just grab a glass of water.

“Max, I’m going to unstrap your left hand so that you can enjoy your water while I’m working on a reward for you. So you better promise me you won’t try anything stupid with the trust I’m placing on you.” Jefferson tenderly held Max chin up with his index finger and middle finger. As a response Max slowly nodded, desperation building up inside of her at the notion of water being within reach after all.

Jefferson unstrapped her left hand, placed the glass of water with a straw in it, in her left hand and went to sit in the sofa at the table. He started to clip something that looked like a page out of a newspaper. While she tasted the sweetest water in her life, it quickly turned into a nightmare. The sweet water, rejuvenated every corner of her mouth as it touched it, slid down her throat and turned into acid. The wounded oesophagus screaming after its abuse, like pouring alcohol on a wound to sterilise it.

Jefferson walked up and put a hand on Max, said something but Max didn’t listen. She rewound time and Jefferson once again was working on his so called reward for her. Her glass filled up with the rewind, which gave her more water to devour.

Jefferson walked up and put a hand on Max, this time she heard what he had to say, but she rewound time once more. She’s not satisfied yet. She kept this up for as long as she could just to satisfy her need for water.

Finally, she listened to what Jefferson had to say after he put his hand on her.  “Max, this is from today’s newspaper. I thought you would want to read what it says.” He took the water from her hand and replaces it with a paper clip.


The shock of having it confirmed… Chloe was truly dead, there’s no denying it anymore. It’s not even plausible she MIGHT have survived being shot in some miraculous way. The shock overwhelms all her senses, the leftovers from the drug together with her exhaustion manages to send Max away, back to the home of her hauntings.

Two blue, tired eyes stared up at the celling. Every part of her body hurt. Her hands, her legs, even her upper body hurt. She struggled to move when she tried. Too tired to take fight, too tired to call for help. Her damaged mind silently wept her best friends fate, slipped her back into nothingness, a merciful rest accepting what is to be, another night of nothingness slowly transforming into your best friend’s dead body.

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Authors note: I had a lot of fun with this chapter. Until I learned the famous Hollywood science was leaking into my fanfiction. Did you know if you give an adrenaline shot in the heart like they do in pulp fiction the person will slowly bleed to death because the heart has a hole in it? I want to thank Schublo and outsyder for the help on this chapter! And I love reading the reviews I’ve gotten! I’m also going on vacation and will come back home around the 3rd august so no more updates till august! Sorry for that. Also, please read my contest entry that I’ll post the 5th July over at Lifeisstrangefans! Also, better late than never, I actually stole the “previous chapter ” thingy clean of from Mai, so I guess she deserves a thank you for letting me steal it without asking.

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