Pursuit of Greatness: Chapter one

What a marvellous day.

“Rise and shine, Maxine; this isn’t the time to be lying around”, Chloe whispered softly in Max’s ear.

“Just another minute, Chloe.  And it’s Max—never Maxine,” Max groaned back while hugging the blue haired girl tightly.

A soft giggle emitted from Chloe as she attacked Max, tickling her and…

Max, stop laughing!

Chloe kept on tickling Max and rendered her defenceless, stealing a kiss whenever the opportunity arose. What a splendid way to be woken by the person you love, reflected Max, even as she still wished for those extra minutes of sleep.

However, I can’t let Chloe get everything the way she wants it, so I’d better fight back, she eventually decided with a smug grin.

Her sudden surge of resistance surprised the larger girl, dislodging her from her seat astride Max’s waist. Gaining the advantage, Max then started to tickle and fight back her assailant.

Calm DOWN, Stop fighting M… the words died out from Chloe’s laughter.

Chloe being physically stronger, easily recovered and reasserted her control. Her right hand pinned Max’s arms together above her head, while her left hand traced the outline of her face. With fingertips softly lingering at Max’s chin, Chloe absorbed every detail of her freckled features. Feeling the struggle subside in the girl below her, she relaxed her right hand grip enough to ensure Max’s comfort in her position. Chloe’s left hand now left Max’s face and began to probe lower.  She caressed Max’s body with the delicate touch of affection, taking in all that made her so beautiful.

Nothing in the world would stop us now, Chloe thought. She leaned forward and softly kissed Max on the forehead. As her left hand slipped under Max’s pink Jane Doe T-shirt, Chloe stared into the eyes of Max, losing herself in those blue eyes.

Max lay staring into Chloe’s blue eyes, feeling the affectionate touch against her skin, her left hand exploring every nook and corner of her body. Even though Chloe does this all the time during foreplay, she keeps acting pleasantly surprised over how soft Max’s skin is. Chloe’s right hand still holds Max’s arms together above her head; at any time, Max could break free, but she doesn’t want to. Max gazed deeply into Chloe’s clear blue eyes, full of life and affection, feeling Chloe’s left hand now working towards her waist. The blue-haired girl leaned forward to kiss Max on her forehead. Max’s disappointed frown only results in Chloe cracking a wide smile.  Teasing me as usual, Max thought whilst releasing an audible sigh.

The left hand now reached the lining of her panties and paused, just teasing about entering. One finger slipped under the lining and then another, only to slowly retreat.  Her smile still wide and beautiful, her eyes full of life and love, Chloe slowly closed the distance between them for a kiss on the mouth, soft lips touching soft lips.  With eye contact never broken, Chloe sensed her cue, and at last pushed her hand inside the well of Max panties.

Rain pelted down from the dark night sky as Max walked through the entrance to the junkyard. Her body seemed to move all on its own, chasing someone or something in front of her. Sad sobs and cries drew Max forward: a voice all too familiar to Max, yet whose source she couldn’t quite place. If only it were more than heart-breaking cries in the dark.

The hand still probing downwards froze as confusion and worry now replaced passion and love in the eyes of Chloe’s beloved.  Her hand returned to Max’s face, wiping away slowly emerging tears.

Concern at sudden outburst also flashed through Max’s mind. Why was she back at the junkyard, she wondered? But curiosity soon gave way to frustration that Chloe had stopped her progress yet again.

“Don’t mind the tears,” whispered Max, more to herself than to Chloe. “I’ve just gotten dust in my eyes,” she lamely reassured, as much trying to convince herself as her waiting partner.

Max cringed within herself, knowing Chloe didn’t believe her excuse at all. At the same time, she was pleased to know Chloe respected and loved her enough to know when she should not press the issue. Had it been something serious, Chloe knew Max would have entrusted her with whatever was amiss.

“Chloe, just get to the point please”, Max pleaded desperately with a growing fire inside of her.

Chloe, leaning forward, kissed her, nodding slowly to show her understanding. The left hand ventured back down towards Max panties. This time Chloe didn’t tease her and before Max could say ‘Wowser’ …

Max stop wiggling so much! Be still!

… Chloe’s left hand reached its goal. God, Chloe knows how to achieve the perfect morning, thought Max. With the left hand set on its mission, the right hand released its grip and took a firm grip on Max’s chin, Chloe, clearly also tired of being a big tease, kissed her, tongues connecting. A fire inside of Max slowly built up with each passing second. Chloe broke the kiss to catch her breath and Max hugged her tightly and pulled Chloe back in for more, thinking, whoever said revenge was sour?!

Walking through the junkyard, Max closed in on the figure sitting on the ground, desperately digging in one particular spot.  It was so familiar to Max, but she just couldn’t recall why. As Max came closer she saw an all too familiar back dressed in her favourite leather jacket, blue hair showing under the cap.

Hug her, I have to be there for her. HUG HER! BODY, MOVE! Her body did not respond to any of her commands.

Chloe noticed Max drifting away again.  She stopped her movements, confusion and fear now glowing in the morning light. Suddenly, she noticed the sun was gone.  She wondered, did someone cover the windows without me noticing it?

Chloe remained on top of Max, the burning desire still burning strong inside of her. Max noticed Chloe fidgeting to say something, but uncertain of how to express it. Chloe took a deep breath.  She’s probably going to ask what’s been going on with me this morning, thought Max. Max felt her eyes tearing up again and she tried to blink away the tears. Chloe finally gathered enough courage to say what was on her mind, and opened her mouth…

“NO, RACHEL, NO, THIS CAN’T BE REAL!” A high pitch scream cuts through the air. “WHO WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS?! This CAN’T be real!” Chloe continues as grief cut through the air. The once-desperate voice now gave way pure grief and loss over finding her best friend dead.

Max, are you okay? You don’t look so good! A soothing male voice spoke in the back of her head.

Max’s body walked over and put her hand on Chloe’s shoulder. She peered down into the hole only to find a dead face of a previously bright and beautiful Rachel staring back with empty sockets and a blue feather. Internally, Max screamed and cried; externally she let go of Chloe and slowly backed away from her and her dead friend, shaking her head in denial and woe.

“Max, answer me, are you okay? You just zoned out on me!” Chloe asked, clearly worried at how Max had been acting. The morning sun glowed through the window again.  Without a word, Max grabbed Chloe around the neck and pulled her in for a tight hug.

Something sharp hit her neck and she felt a stinging sensation. The body moved its arm in response, only to find a syringe being pulled out and a gun appearing from behind.

“Max I’m losing you again!” Chloe cried in terror.

Max, try and relax. It’ll all be over soon.

Chloe once again hovered over Max; all the sexual tension that had been in the air now obviously gone. Max closed her eyes and let her tears run freely. She suddenly felt a lump over her body, a weight bearing down; it was Chloe’s breast pressed against her frame. Chloe’s nose touched hers.

It’s just Chloe trying to comfort, gosh Chloe can be clingy sometimes, Max thought, while the pressure of Chloe’s weight increased.

Suddenly Max felt something dripping down on her face. What could cause her brave Chloe to cry? When she opened her eyes, two blue, lifeless eyes met her gaze.  She was shocked by the glaring presence of a red hole in the middle of the blue-haired, punk forehead. Through the hole something red slowly oozed out.  With all her power Max tried to scream, but to no avail.

“Chloe behind you, watch out!” Max body screamed, just to have Chloe turn around to see the assailant pointing a gun at her, a growling madness coming out of her, “YOU SCUM, YOU KILLED H…”

After a loud bang came a deafening silence. Chloe fell backwards, confusion, anger, and surprise all displaying on her face. The soft thump of her lifeless body hitting the ground was the loudest, most dreadful noise Max had ever heard. Staring at Chloe lying on the ground, she could only ask one thing, “My beautiful everything, what’s that new mark on your forehead?”

“Ah you’re finally awake”, Mr Jefferson sighed, “I’m sorry for tying you up, but you simply refused to be still. I also had to muffle you because you started to giggle wildly, and we can’t have that when we try to sneak you out of town.  We need to be quiet here.  Trust me, Max; we’re soon going to be right where we need to be.” Mr Jefferson disappeared from view, and the night sky is appeared quickly before everything turned black. The space Max lay inside started to vibrate with the noise of the engine starting.  As a spray of uneven road and gravel hit the frame of the car, Max could feel herself moving towards an uncertain future.

After god knows how long, the car finally came to a stop. The trunk flew open and Jefferson stood there with a frown on his face,

“Max, please behave for this last walk, until we’ve reached our destination”, Mr Jefferson said tiredly.

Behind him was the skeleton of an old building; with the sedative still clogging Max’s consciousness, she couldn’t place where she recognized the structure from; yet knew she had seen its type of architecture before.  Work, brain, WORK!

Jefferson bent over and lifted Max out of the trunk. As he did, Max took the opportunity to scans her immediate proximity. Hay sacks, wooden pillars, an old tractor… along with the wooden structure of the roof, she concluded that they had to be in some sort of a barn.   But where?  She couldn’t recall there ever having been a barn near Arcadia Bay. Hanging over Mr Jefferson’s shoulder she felt a sudden descent, and then the concrete steps came into view.

“It’s not far now Max, our destination is just at the end of the corridor, behind the large steel framed door over there,” Mr Jefferson said, while the fluorescence lamps activated automatically overhead. 

Next Chapter: https://lifeisstrangefans.com/pursuit-of-greatness-chapter-two/

Author notes: Thanks to Lavallée Alec, Matthew, Sethmantle, Harpiua, Price, OuTsYdeR and Brooke Scott from lifeisstrangefans.com for proof reading and helping out with general boring editorial stuff. I want to give Brooke Scott an extra big shout out for her amazing work on helping out with the language and correcting the grammar.


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