Pursuit of greatness – Chapter Six (Final)



She moved towards the door, not much she could do, not much she had to do. She didn’t even have to walk by herself anymore. In fact, she didn’t even stand up, she wasn’t allowed to do so during transportation between rooms. She looked at the doors passing by, peaked into the offices which had open doors. She noticed the paintings covering the walls. It was all the same, boring, paintings as always. The corridors were as white as always.

Step up your game Max! Just tell them what they want to know and you’ll be out of here! Maybe you even can go back? I know you’d love it!

“Shut up!” Croaked Max.

Her wheelchair came to a slow stop, a friendly voice from behind her, probably for the thousands of times, told Max to ignore the voice inside her head, to ignore herself; the only thing that seems to know what is going on with her. That’s nothing she could or was willing to do.

That is too much credit, Dear.

The wheelchair started to rock again, the nurse had started to push her forward again, towards her destination, for the thousandth time.  Max had stopped caring what happened to her and just did what was asked of her but one thing.

The way you like it huh? Maybe not exactly being asked, but to follow other’s directives…

She reconsidered what she had been told the past few days. Chloe had survived, apparently she had been shot in the chest and had managed to call for help before passing out. Or, she just died and they’re only lying to you. Jefferson is in custody for attempt of murder on Chloe, murder of Nathan Prescott, and for kidnapping and drugging countless girls including Max.

But would you REALLY call that a kidnapping? I… Sorry, YOU enjoyed it too much.

No I DID not! I don’t even remember what happened! Max snarled back at herself. The wheelchair slowly crept towards the door, at the end of the corridor. Fluorescent lamps looming over her head. Slowly passed through corridor when a strange feeling of déjà vu seeped over Max. Awh, are you longing back to Him again? How sweet!

She looked down the white walls, the white doors, the never-ending hallway which moved passed her. Floated passed her. Her stare, stuck at the tempo of, door, wall, painting, wall, door, sent her off to a dream state. Reminiscing about… you mean The ENJOYMENT you, she, had got to experience together with Jefferson, Don’t you mean Mark?

The way he moved his hand through your hair, how he treated you with care and love. When you felt sick, he was the one who took care of it.

“But, he shoved a tube down my throat!” Max countered.

HE ENSURED your survival Max, you were in no condition to take in the food by yourself. Max. YOU ARE THE REASON, why you’re stuck in this hellhole. You only have yourself to blame, you fought so hard, only to lose what it is you wanted to have. What you HAD!

The sound of a distant horn broke the girls’ laughter.

The green walls of the hospital, the green doors floated by in a steady motion, the laughter in the back of her head, whenever she tried to turn around, she was constrained. She turned her gaze forward, only to stare into the abyss, she screamed. The motion stopped, she launched herself forward, broke free from her chains of restriction. She felt the claws of abyss grasping her shirt. She broke free and ran. She ran till she collapsed. Somewhere, somehow a warm, gentle feeling was lifting her up. A voice in the back of her head warned her of trusting the stranger and his mischievous goal.

The voice sent chills down her spine, the terror crept from her heart, infected her stomach, ran up through her throat it emerged in a screech of panic when the all too familiar feeling of a sting in her neck. The cold metal penetrated her skin and sent in cold, calming liquid, and the darkness crept over her until she fell back into to the abyss.

The train screamed, when it rushed past the blue haired girl. The relief clear on her face where she avoided sure death.

She looks back at me, over-joyed by my feat of rescuing her using my powers. I look down at my own hands in disbelief when I start moving towards the source of her calling me, happy, excited, alive.

The further I go, the more distant it gets. I stop to listen after her voice, I try to lift my eyes from my hands but I can’t, they’re so… bound… enchanting… beautiful. With the power in my grasp, I control TIME itself. I can do anything he wants me too.

I stare again, at the endless light above my head. The chains holding me down disappearing.

Lying in her bed, Max fooled herself to feel safe. She glanced at the beanie covered head resting on the side of her medical bed. The head turned around and glared back at Max, emotionless. Blue hair covered the eyes, the mouth gasped for air, tried to speak but all it ever accomplished was spitting out blood over Max. The momentum from the twitching jaw rolled the head to the side, revealing empty eye sockets hidden beneath blue hair

Max screamed out in terror, and through the door entered a blonde, stylish girl with a blue feather in her ear. She looked at Max in confusion, then at the rolling head. Walking to Max bed, ignoring every inquiry Max had made, she picked the head up and whispered to it.

“So, this is where you had rolled off too… Better get back to the rest of your body.”

As the blonde girl began to walk out, the doors opened. Another nurse, this one unknown, walked in, passing right through the girl cradling the grasping head. Upon collision, the blonde girl dispersed.

The nurse loomed over Max, checked her condition, left the room only to return together with the psychiatrist, both wore a worried look on their face. Looming behind their shoulders was a smiling, blue haired face, making funny grimaces that distracted Max from what the nurse and psychiatrist had to say. Max smiled softly to herself and heard nothing of what the pair said. Bet you’re longing back to his control. Snapping back from reality, Max bolted up in her bed, asked the pair to be quiet. They both looked at each other, then back at Max and proceeded to leave. Through the crack of the door she could spy a blue haired girl in a medical gown who sneaking a peak before being ushered away.

She stepped out of her bed, slowly ventured to the window. She stared out on the desolate parking lot, the streetlights glowed over it. In her reflection, she saw her dead blue eyed friend, who had been haunting her since her arrival to the hospital. She put her right hand against the window. Chloe responded with copying Max by pressing her right hand against Max’s. Max closed her eyes, imagined the warmth of his hands against her. When Max opened her eyes, she’s met with two, beautiful, terrifying, brown eyes, observing her expression closely. The beard covered his face, perfectly trimmed as always, and his neat glasses rested softly on his nose. His beautiful face. Jefferson imitated Max as she took a step backwards in disbelief. She then took one forward to observe him closer. How she had missed something as simple as just laying her eyes upon Jefferson.

This… hunk… why did you betray him?!

“But I didn’t”, Max said to no one. “I had to save myself, he …” loved you “hurt me!”

The reflection of Jefferson dispersed as a soft glow entered the room from the door. She quickly turned around to meet her visitor, only to stare at a closed door with no one there. She hurried to the door and opened it, only to see her psychiatrist doing his last check-up for the night. Seeing him surprised Max and she closed the door before getting noticed. Unsure what just happened and how to explain it to him, she opened the door slowly again, only to have the door fly open and an unknown stranger forced her way in. Max eyed the assailant suspiciously and was greeted by a blue haired girl in a hospital gown. Lost for words Max tried to whisper the name of the person she had longed for the most;

“Chlo…” Jeffer… “oe?” Son?!


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Author’s Note:

Sorry that this chapter took so long to write, real life hit me hard as a truck, but I hope this finishes my saga. Big thanks to TommorowHeart and Harpuia for helping me with this chapter. A proper thanks for anyone who read through all this and I hope you enjoyed it!

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