Queen’s birthday

Hey people!

I think today’s a sunny day to all people who worships Chloe and wants to see her watching Spongebob all night long with the one and only Ms. Caulfield

I think I have never called someone a queen like that but she totally deserves that title. Since I have played this game, I have always taken her as an example. I truly believe she is a great example for all of us and not just for me.

I wished the majority of people was like Chloe because then no one would worry about what others think of their actions and decisions.

The fact that she is fearless and rebellious to everyone brings her maybe in dangerous situations but in the end she makes her enemies silent

I know that she has a warm heart and cares about people she loves and would do anything to protect them.

But unfortunetly not anyone sees her dignity…. Clearly everyone is jealous of her because she is brave and fights against the system that makes people numb….

I hate all her enemies…. all people who called her a “loser” or “punk ass”. All people that were responsible for her tears and pain. I even hate universe for trying to end her life.

And I am sure that I am not the only one who worships her.

I  absolutely love everything about her including all her “mistakes” and wrong decisions…

And I appreciate all people who loves her as much as I do.

I sometimes do not even care if she would like me or not….well maybe she would like me but who knows…..

As long as she is happy there is nothing to worry about.

So happy birthday Chloe Price….. Do what you want and love who you want. I will always support you and love you. May all your enemies feel the same pain that you have felt and may they get uglier for what they have done to you.

Stay Hella everyone and I see you soon


Amaretto21 (Sorry for my English btw.)



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