Sleepover Before Seattle

It was nearing three in the morning at the Prices’ house. That didn’t mean it was quiet though, in fact, it was where Max and Chloe’s sleepover was taking place.
“Then, they heard a noise that was like nails on a chalkboard-” Chloe whispered, holding a flashlight so close to her face that Max was shocked that her friend wasn’t being blinded.
“Chloe, I’m really tired now. Are you going to let me sleep yet?” Max said, clutching her pink pillow to her chest.
“No way! There’s still so much to do!” Chloe replied, tossing one of her many blankets off her feet and placing the flashlight aside. Chloe was full of energy compared to Max’s drowsy state.
“Like what? We’ve already played all the classic sleepover games. Truth or Dare, Would you Rather, and you’ve been telling scary stories for the past half hour!”
“Well,” Chloe said, “can we just talk?”
“Sure, as long as you’ll let me sleep when the conversation ends.” By this point Max was struggling to keep her eyes open, her chin rested on her pillow. She waited for Chloe to start the chat, but no sound came from her.
“Chloe you better not be trying to scare me, because if you are-”
“We’ll be friends forever right?” Chloe suddenly interrupted.
“What are you talking about? Of course we will!” Max reassured, leaving her pillow and crawling closer to Chloe.
“But you’re moving to Seattle soon, and don’t give me that bullshit that we’ll talk on the phone everyday. I mean, when will we talk face to face again?”
Max was silent. She truly had no idea when Chloe and her would see each other once Max moved. Max couldn’t picture a life without Chloe in it; she knew Chloe felt the same way.
“See? You don’t even know!” Chloe curled herself into a ball. “I wish you weren’t moving, Max.”
“I wish I could stay here with you, Chloe.” Max hugged her knees together.
“You can’t. We both know that.”
“Maybe we’ll just make these last few weeks together the best.” Max said while gently poking the ball that Chloe became.
“Yeah,” Chloe said, unraveling herself from her position to sit up straight, “we could eat lunch at the diner everyday”
“And go swimming in the ocean!”
“And play video games!”
“And have one last pirate adventure!”
“That sounds like a plan,” Chloe held out her hand to Max, “deal?”
“Deal.” Max said, shaking Chloe’s hand.
“With this deal our friendship is forever sealed!”
“Yeah, with the coming weeks we’ll be unbreakable.”
“Well Max, I’ll keep my promise I made earlier, you can sleep.” Chloe grinned at Max while flickering the flashlight before covering herself in blankets and turning off the flashlight for good.
“Thanks Chloe,” Max said, grabbing her pillow and resting her head on it, “I wish moments like this could last forever.”
“But that wouldn’t be a moment, Max.” The pile of blankets that was Chloe pointed out.
“I guess you’re right; goodnight, Chloe”

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