technically people can be arrested for it

An underage student stands in line outside a popular bar on Franklin Street and gives their fake ID to a bouncer. After looking at it for a moment, the bouncer passes it back — not to the student, but to an undercover alcohol law enforcement officer behind him. The student is ticketed immediately.

J. Tristan Routh, an attorney with Carolina Student Legal Services, said he’s seen dozens of cases like this so far this year.

A ticket for using a fake isn’t like a ticket for speeding, search all Routh said. Fake ID possession is a class one misdemeanor under North Carolina law, the second highest level of misdemeanor.

“A misdemeanor means it’s an arrestable offense; technically people can be arrested for it,” Routh said. “Ninety-nine percent of the time we don’t actually see people get arrested for it. The only time we see people get arrested for the charge is when they either assaulted the officer or they refused to give their name or identify themselves.”

Routh said an individual can theoretically be charged with a felony when using a fake, and he’s seen it happen recently. search all

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