Thank You From The Staff of Life Is Strange Fans

When I started Life Is Strange Fans I envisioned a central hub where all fans of the game could come together to create, share and discuss fan-made content. While I feel I achieved that what I did not expect was that the site would become like a second home to many fans; a place where they could come every day to allay boredom or depression or loneliness. It has been a remarkable year, full of many high, a few lows, but ultimately an important and unforgettable year in my life. I want to say Thank You, to all my Staff who have helped me run and maintain this place, especially my Co-Admin Mai, and to all the Members who have uploaded their amazing content and entered our Contests.

We are extremely grateful for everyone’s support and so if you would like to say a few words about your own experience on Life Is Strange Fans, no matter when you joined, please use the form below and all the Anniversary messages will appear together on this page.

Thank you again, and here’s to another year and beyond – Chris.

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