Thanks from Alec

My name is Alec Lavallée and this is my story. I discovered LiS in a time of uncertainty, a time of questions and never ending thirst for answers. I played it in a time where I felt completely lost in this world, without a purpose or that emotional drive that keeps you going and force you to give your best towards yourself and others.

This “game” –  to be honest I don’t feel like I can call it that anymore since it took a place so big in my heart – this experience, clearly changed something in my life. It drives me to be better and nicer than ever towards myself and others. Spreading joy and love to others, no matter how dark the clouds above you are, no matter how shadowy the path you thread on is. There will always be a light to guide you through darkness, through these dark and uncertain times.

Always remember that in these times, one person or one place can change everything for a person and this works both ways. I’ve been here for 5 months now, thanks to LiS, and I warmly thank all the people who made this wonderful game and the people who made this site.

This place is my lighthouse; she stands as a beacon of hope for all Mankind. Hope and a solid proof that a little something in your life can reveal the best of you and connect you to wonderful beings from all around the world.

To finish my story, I strongly believe that Kate’s support club will bring hope and even more to people who needs it most. I love this place for what she stands for and for what she brings to everybody here. Thanks for reading my words.

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