Thank you

“I can only say Life Is Strange Is Life” in simple words ^_^

Hiya my name is Ocean Man aka Pieter verbiest
and i’m in love, i’m so blinded by love for what this game did for me, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it
I never knew that this game would change my life so much…
and i’m happy with it as well.

This game brought a tear to my eye, not only a tear of emotion but a tear of joy and happiness
I found myself in the game at some points which made me happy, sad, angry…. but I still loved it very much even when things were hard this game truly made me happy.

This game is a gift from god, it’s a masterpiece, It’s a beautiful piece of art, even when it hurts your feeling, but art sometimes hurts ^_^

So i can only say, Thank you for this masterpiece
Thank you for this life changer
Thank you for this work of love that changed my life for ever ^_^

Ocean Man ~

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