The Arousing Lipstick

Dedicated to Mai (Chloe Price), Schublo, Harpuia, Lulu2003 and Ed (Eduard Frolov EFG) who convinced me to write this piece of stuff. As a revenge I have simply stolen their names, put them in my fanfic. Their behaviour in the fanfic does not corresponds to how they are in real life. Oh and yes, this is an inoffical LIS fanfic because Mai= Chloe price so I’ll abuse that tag. Also, the language isn’t the best but I hope the content is understandable. It is meant to bring a laugh of somesort, or a big WTF did I just read.


The Arousing Lipstick.


In the makeup store, a lonely lipstick is left alone on the shelf, the last of its kind. A lonesome warrior enters the store, a blue haired punk who doesn’t know what she looks for. She walks around the store clueless, she has just gotten some money from Ed (his real name is Eduard Frolov EFG but he always gets stingy when you spell it out so we’ll keep it short) to spend. Saving them is a no go, for she owes the small witch a hefty sum of money. This punk does not like the tiny witch, more out of jealousy than actual hate.

This tiny witch, Lulu2003, flies around on her staff and throwing cupcakes at people. If she isn’t throwing cupcakes she’s making sure to eat them herself, with the benefit of not gaining any extra weight. Thus the blue haired punk intense jealousy which later grew into a fake hatred. The money she owes comes from eating three or four, if we shall be generous, cupcakes from Lulu2003’s personal stash.

So back to the general story. This blue haired punk, Mai (Chloe Price if you’re obedient but I’m not… so Mai it is) walks around the store, she finds this, beautiful, lonely and abandoned lipstick standing on the shelf shrouded in sorrow by its situation.

With a target in sight she marshs towards the lipstick shelf, grabs the last lipstick and walks to the cashier and pays for it with Ed’s money. She didn’t take a recipe for she knew this was a very special lipstick she wouldn’t refund.

On her way home, she meets her great friend, Schublo, he’s usually very relax and take things as they come. So when an over hyped Mai swoons down onto him, he jumps backwards by surprise and fear of what is about reign down over him.


“Uhm Mai, calm down… what’s going on?!” Schublo asks, obviously not in the loops of things.

“So, I just bought this Lipstick from the makeup store, it was standing all shrouded in sorrow because it was lonely. But look at it now.” She says while holding up the now glowing lipstick. “IT freaking glows out of excitement! It’s literary glowing out of happiness for being out of that store! Oh how poorly they must’ve treated it!” Mai fawns over her newly bought lipstick.

“Well… okay, that sounds reassuring… Are you sure it’s not radiation?” Schublo slowly backs away from the overly happy girl, who is now jumping out of happiness.

Mai notices how Schublo slowly backs away from her, so she takes the hint and moves onwards. Now seeing Ed, who got a really long name but prefers Ed. She shows her glowing lipstick to him, in all its glory. Ed, just as excited as Mai to see this. Tries to take it from her hands but with no success, for Mai is faster than he is. She quickly runs home, sneakily avoiding Lulu2003 on the way.

Well at home, she finally sits in front of the mirror, she holds up her glowing lipstick, puts it towards the light and closely examines it. A burning feeling grows inside of her. This brand, like a poor pun of her name, maibeline, looks so compelling, it’s so… beautiful!

She puts her right thumb and right index finger on the lid, and her left thumb and left index finger on the base. Is she brave enough to open it up as it? Just like this without any proper preparation? She thought about it for a few seconds. Seconds slowly turned into minutes before she decided. Yes, yes she dares to brave this first attempt.

She opens it, slowly, doing her best not to damage the goods. She lifted the lid. The glow from the lipstick first blinded her, but then the glow slowly lost power. Giving Mai a fair chance to see the stick being whole. She slowly turned on the base, making the stick slowly rise, she then turned it backwards, making it sink again. Excited, she did this a few more times. The burning desire grows stronger with each turn she does.

She could no longer resist, she kissed the empty air. Not once or twice, but six times! All to get the perfect pout before she applies the lipstick. She pouts, it has the perfect shape. She slowly turns the base of the lipstick, making it to slowly rise.

She positions her perfectly pouting lips in front of the mirror, and she applies the lipstick. The feeling of having the lipstick stick to her lips (so many potential puns?) is the best in her life. It wasn’t too cold, nor is it too hot. It is just perfect. The consistence didn’t make it smudge, nor is it too hard so it became difficult to apply, it is simply, perfect. In fact, it is so perfect, she had to kiss the mirror. Left on the mirror is a now bright shining purple kiss mark. Pleased with herself she walks down stairs and hears a lonely tone from her living room. How could she forget her harp (Thought I forgot about ya harpula?!). She walks out to the living room, sit down with the now weeping harp for it sees the beautiful lipstick on his master. Jealousy grows strong within him. “Who is it that has stolen my Mai’s rightful happiness! WHAT IS YOUR SECRET LIPSTICK!?” raged inside of harp while Mai serenely plays him.

Her neighbour saw the beautiful lipstick, and knocked on the window.

“I’ll make you rich, make all your dreams come through if you give me that one lipstick in your hands!” with which the neighbour smashes the window and takes the lipstick away.

A few days later, a wild mail pops up in her mailbox, author; WrittenWithLipstick. Her instinct says it’s the lipstick, and her gut says the same but she can’t be sure.  She sends a response, the two starts a continuing correspondence with one another.

They decide to meet up, which they also do. They sit in a plaza and just… sits there, for a lipstick isn’t much of a conversational partner. Mai share phone numbers with lipstick and they part ways after staring at one another.


The following texts are the latest of a long conversation between the two.


2016 – 07 – 01 20.36 Chloe Price: Marry me lol

2016 – 07 – 01 20.40 Lipstick: Hahaha lol <3

2016 – 07 – 01 21.23 Lipstick: Wait… was that an order?!

2016 – 07 – 01 21.34 Lipstick: You’re joking right? Hello Mai?

2016 – 07 – 01 22.03 Lipstick: Haven’t heard from you in a while…

2016 – 07 – 01 22.12 Chloe Price: Say yes, then shut up.

2016 – 07 – 01 22.15 Lipstick: Humm…

2016 – 07 – 01 22.15 Lipstick: The answer is Yes <3


And with that, lipstick was forever silent, Mai never heard of it again but the burning feeling of desire for lipstick was forever in her heart.

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