The Price – Chapter 1

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 “Double Pendulum”

Events unfold to Max and Chloe, after Max’s failure to save Kate and so many others over the course of the week, the moment of truth was nearing on them and about to begin, as the two reached the lighthouse to seek shelter. Soon it became obvious, the storm would wreck everything standing in it’s way, Arcadia Bay will be swept away into history books and few will live to tell the tale.

Meanwhile in Arcadia, the storm gained in power with each minute, the buildings on the coast getting torn apart, cars flying in the air like leaves floating in the wind. One of them struck and blew up the Two WhalesDiner where Joyce, Warren, Frank, Pompidou and many people were last located.

Much to the girls’ horror, Chloe and Max both fell to the ground, holding together as they watched the scene while crying, and after a painful minute, Max helped Chloe stand up again but was still in shock by what happened.

After a desperate argument between the two, Chloe comes to the conclusion that only her death would save Arcadia Bay and painfully convinces Max to rewind back to the bathroom. It will have to be this way and no other, Max fucking up with time led to this moment.

“We have to revert it back, Max ! We have to and you know it, I just can’t let Joyce and everyone of them dies like that ! Do it before I freak out Max !” Chloe said while forcing Max in a tight embrace before letting her away moments after.

“Max Caulfield, don’t you forget about me…” Chloe said with a deep sad voice.

”Never” replied Max.

Max started to focus on the butterfly polaroid while sadly looking towards Chloe for the last time. The scene starts to blur, changing from the cliff to the bathroom, which is still lit by the flash of her polaroid and its characteristic sound. Taking the polaroid and gets it in safety, hiding, trying to hold back her tears while Nathan enters the room and start speaking to himself, facing the mirror.

Silent tears starts rolling down Max’s face. She stares in anticipation at the fire alarm, trying to shut down the temptation to use it again. She had to resist it, she knew what was at stake, ringing the alarm will be stepping in the dead end that was last week. While she was hearing Nathan’s speech, Chloe made her glorious entry into the fray.

And no time soon, things will get hot and escalate to the point of no return for her friend. Arguments were fusing like bullets and Nathan pulled his gun and started waving it at Chloe, much to her surprise and horror.

Chloe soon started to freak out, desperately trying to defuse the whole situation and threatened Nathan to reveal his little drugs business in Arcadia Bay, to pressure on him, to trying to control him.

Nathan feeling cornered then shouted, “Nobody would ever miss your punk ass would they ?”, Max started to shed even more tears, she knew what would come after that.

As Chloe yelled and tried to push away Nathan, she shouted “Get that gun away from me, psycho!”, Max’s eyes were wide open and her hands shielding her face from what was coming, being back against the closet wall.

Suddenly she heard the deafening sound so characteristic of the weapon and couldn’t help but to peek out and see her best friend falling to the ground, starting to bleed out so fast that a pool of blood started forming on the bathroom floor, Nathan freaked out and rushed out of the bathroom as quickly as he could, Max’s heart was racing and seemed on the verge of a heart attack, watching Chloe get shot … again, stinging her heart once again. Would she be able to lose her again ?

Max then let out a painful scream as she rushed towards Chloe, throwing herself on the floor and reaching her, as she desperately try to stop the blood from overflowing, shouting for help as hard as she could, Chloe then stares right into Max’s eyes, seeing fear taking over her friend, the fear to lose someone she loves, looking at her with a concerned smile while nodding, saying it would be alright, her eyes were red and intense.

Chloe weakly said “Max…you” before her eyes started to close gently, Max tried to shake her to keep her conscious and pulled her in a tight embrace despite the blood covering herself, Chloe’s eyes drifted away peacefully from Max’s sight, her right hand reaching and caressing Chloe’s cheeks leaving a trail of blood on her gentle face, in a moment of lucidity, she smiled at Max, almost happy to see a friendly face in such a dire situation.

After a few seconds, Chloe’s smile faded and her eyes closed, with no response to Max’s crying.

This only reinforced Max’s sorrow as her pain reached a tipping point. She felt lonely against the whole world just like Chloe before her arrival. She was fighting for her best friend very life.

David busted the door open by a powerful kick and then stared horrified at his unconscious step-daughter and her friend both covered with blood still overflowing despite Max’s attempt to it.

Max cries for help at David still in shock and alerts him that Nathan is armed and dangerous in Blackwell, David then nods at Max and goes on a hunt to find Nathan and arrest him for good, leaving Max struggling to keep her friend alive amidst a pool of blood.

Note : Thanks a lot for reading that first chapter, that means so much to me, feel free to comment.

You are awesome all of you.

Credits to our master Musician Eduard Frolov EFG and his song “The Price” featuring Robyn Ardery and the image taken from the video all belongs to him.

Special thanks to all of the beta readers who helped me through it!

Link to chapter 2:

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A great and promising fiction dude, I’m curious how the story went from now on. Keep on writing. 🙂


Great fic man, looking forward for the next chapter. Keep the good work up 🙂

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