The Price – Chapter 2


Max started to feel cold still embracing Chloe’s unconscious body. She was about to get in a state of hypothermia if nothing was done for her. Max kept talking to Chloe despite having no responses of any kinds, with each second, her fear of losing her started to increase.

“It’ll be okay Chloe, help is coming. You’ll be fine.” she repeatably said to her friend. Lying on the cold floor, she started to scan the surroundings to find something helpful to stop the blood from flowing more. Her bare hands painted in red weren’t effective at all, she had to find something. Fear was readable on her face.

“Come on Max! You gotta find something to stop the blood loss, quick!” As she started panicking while maintaining pressure on Chloe’s wound, she saw the towel dispenser next to the door and rushed towards it.

“Empty! You gotta be shitting me!” she said while punching the dispenser, desperately scanning the bathroom area once more. There was another one at the other end of the room, this one seemed full. Running at full speed and taking as many towels as she could, “YES, Gotcha!” with a triumphant sigh of relief, returning to Chloe’s side, pressuring her wound and bandaging as best as she could.

At last, she managed to stop the blood loss, she stopped crying, for once there was light of hope for her friend. She had to survived. In a deep thought, she figured that the rewind power in this reality wasn’t used at all, maybe if Chloe makes it alive, the two could be happy without the tornado wrecking the entire Arcadia Bay and all it’s population.

After this moment of thought, she stated “She is getting really cold, I got to do something” As she started to take her as close as she could in her arms while rubbing Chloe’s soft and cold body against herself, this wasn’t much but she knew a detail could change the whole story.

Max, in her struggle didn’t noticed at all, the wailing sounds of multiples sirens in the distance. She felt isolated in the bathroom as if it was the only room in her life, a prison, just like Chloe had when she was here for the first time. However, this time Chloe doesn’t feel alone in the cold, she knew this she wasn’t “Chloe Price against all odds”, she had a her best friend by her side, nursing her wounds.

Suddenly, the door smashed open with a team of paramedics with a stretcher and an emergency doctor guided by Principal Wells. They told Max to stay back and let them assess Chloe’s state. After only seconds of checkup by the doc, he said with a deep concerned voice, “Her state is critical. We need to get her to the hospital ASAP.” Without waiting, the paramedics were getting Chloe on the stretcher with the help of the doctor. Max started to have tears rolling all over her tired face, again.

“I have to come with you, I need to be with her!” Max replied with even more tears. Soon the doc deemed her state was too critical, that they couldn’t let Max to come with them. The doc ran out of the bathroom following the paramedics to the ambulance, leaving Max with her back against the wall crying with her hands covered in Chloe’s dried blood, vainly whipping her tears.

“She has lost … so much blood, I have to go to the hospital” Max said highly concerned while quickly cleaning her hands and grabbing towels. Her mind was racing. Did she, in another time, violated this reality by trying to save Chloe? Drying her tears, Max began focusing on the present.

She heard the bell ringing and started running out of the bathroom into the main hall, rushing towards the entry. Many were watching Max rushing headlong as police agents were confining them away from the bathroom and the main hall to permit Chloe’s rapid evacuation.

Among the watching people were Kate, shocked to see Max covered in blood. She feared the worst for her friend, and suddenly shouted “Max, what’s happening ?” Kate’s shouting stopped Max dead in her tracks. As she watched her in a mix of pain and relief, Max felt her heart racing at her sight. She murmured and sighed in relief “Kate, you’re alive”.

The blonde worries only rose . “I can’t hear you, Max, did you get hurt?” with a sad expression on her face. “No Kate, I’m fine but I have to go to the hospital!” She was relieved her friend was “fine” and encouraged Max to keep going. As Max started rushing again in the main hell, she only met a policemen at the entry, saying the building is locked down and she can’t go out for now. Despite Max’s argument, the policemen didn’t move an inch.

Soon thereafter, David entered the building. His face looked intense as he saw Max desperately arguing with the policemen, about to break down again. He approached and said “Chloe’s state is critical but she is en route to the hospital, I managed to stop Nathan, he is now in police custody.” David was both relieved and saddened.

Max immediately responded, “David, I have to go the hospital and see her!” David nodded with surprise, she pronounced her name with a familiar manner, “Yes, I can get you there, come.” Hearing the conversation the policemen nodded with respect, letting them leave the building.

When Max got outside, she saw Nathan being forced into a police car. He threatened the police man as they were reading his right, “you have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you” Nathan threatened them once “Silence?! you don’t who the fuck I am, I will…”, the argument was cut by the door slamming right before his face.

“Max! Stop lagging behind, we have to go!” Max catches up with David, they jumped in his car and departed in speed, steaming towards the hospital. Blackwell started disappearing behind them. David turned is head towards her “Max, I need to ask you what happened in that bathroom?”. She bluntly responded “Do you think this is really a good time to speak about that ?!” she was clearly upset about his question.

David reacted vividly “I just want to know what happened in this room, to do my job and protect all of you Missy!”. The brunette couldn’t tell all the truth to David until having news of Chloe first “I know you care about all of us and you truly want to protect all of us, Chloe need us to be present next to her. Not jumping at each others throat for answers, I will explain you what happened but I need news about her state first,” she turned away from David and watched throughout the window of the car “Chloe might not be a perfect person and don’t show you love but if you demonstrated her more opening and less paranoia. You could at least stop fighting and maybe start living together like a true family”.

He was left speechless by her answer for a time, “I just hope you’re right Max, we’ll talk about that later.”. He concentrated his attention on the road and didn’t said more on the trip to the hospital. Minutes later, they reached it and quickly parked near, Max nodded to David with apprehension while closing the door. “Thank you for bringing me here David.” David responded by nodding in return. The two entered the building, walking in haste towards the reception desk and asked to see the patient Chloe Price. The receptionist indicated she went in the operating room as soon as she arrived and that her life was threatened. David and Max felt a great pain and being powerless in the face of such events.

They went in a waiting room and took a seat … waiting.

Seconds became minutes, minutes became hours, several hours passed.

Max, saw a familiar person making an appearance.


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