The Price – Chapter 3


Max, instantly left her grim thoughts upon hearing the scream and raised her head in disbelief. Surprised by this familiar voice, she looked at the entrance of the waiting room and saw Kate standing there. Holding her golden cross firmly in her right hand. The brunette jumped from her seat at the sight of her, screaming her name, blindly rushing towards her, much to the blonde’s surprise.

She clutched her in a tight embrace, unwilling to let her go. Kate wrapped her arms around Max, surprised by her warm feeling, closing her eyes and smiling at her friend’s affection.

“I’m so relieved to see you!”, shouted Max, but her initial enthusiasm soon merged with painful memories of past week. “I thought you…I thought you were…” She had a lump in her throat, unable to talk in front of her friend.

So much Max has seen during this last week, she watched Kate jump and crash two times before being able to rewind and freeze time to reach her on the rooftop. This suffering she endured, only to be able to save her from her inner demons and from those who dealt her the fatal blow. Yet ultimately, all her hard fought efforts proved totally fruitless as her powers and mind failed her to find the right words during this fateful instant. On that day, she saw an angel fall from the sky and confront the cold unforgiving reality of the real world.

Kate backed away from Max in complete surprise. She looked into her eyes, trying to find a meaning to her shocking words. She seemed distressed, what was she meaning thought the blonde to herself.

“What are you talking about, you thought I were what?! Max, you seem in shock.” The blonde was left greatly troubled by the brunette’s past sentence, what she said sounded so grim. She wasn’t sure how to react properly, her sadness obscuring her judgement.

However, silent tears appeared on the brunette’s face. She thought about what she had to do in order to save Chloe and her failed efforts at saving Kate from death. No powers will help now, she needs to save people with her heart and wits alone. She mobilized what she had left and spoke.

“I’m…just glad you’re here with me. You mean so much to me,” said Max, while proceeding to whip away her tears and comforted her friend “Always remember that you’re not alone. I’ve got your back, no matter what happens. I care about you, I’m here for you.”, Kate’s face illuminated upon hearing her friend’s comforting words. Her right hand covering her heart in sign of astonishment.

“Max…That makes me feel so blessed for the first time this week…I…I don’t know what to say…” She replied with a heart-warming difficulty and a wide smile. Max nearly forgot what her friend looked like with a happy expression on her sweet face.

Her attempts to cheer up Kate seems to have worked, bringing back a smile on her friends face. It felt like an impossible victory for the hipster, maybe this will broke her self-destructive downward spiral, that she was stuck in since that fateful party and slowly getting her to her final demise. Maybe this time Max would fix everything for good.

“I’m so worried about you and Chloe, maybe we could both use a hug.” Kate approached Max for another embrace, “Thanks, you always know the right thing to do.” She backed and nodded at Max, an even warmer expression on her face. This comforted Max and warmed her heart but she still remained in shock at the sight of her friend alive and happier than the previous timeline.

“So you mentioned Chloe? Is she your friend? Did she…get?” the blonde asked nervously, incapable of finishing her sentence due to the gravity of the present situation. She felt sick just to think about this tragic event and what happened to the mysterious blue haired girl. Yet, she wanted to know her friend’s state.

The question she asked however seems to have plunged Max in deep and grave thoughts regarding Chloe’s state. Did she do the right thing by coming and letting Chloe get shot or to the contrary was it the biggest mistake of her life to cede to her loved one’s last wish. Ever wondering about that question, little did she knew her actions will have an impact on the future of this town.

Her deep thoughts froze her in place for several long seconds, Trying to process every information she already have in her hands. This toughness was leaving Kate wondering if she did the right thing by asking Max about her friend. She waited for her response, and was about to apologize herself to her friend. Max took the initiative, seizing her courage she started speaking again to her friend.

“Yes, she is. Her state is critical at the moment, the medics carried her in emergency. I’ve been waiting for hours and still no news.” replied the brunette with great sadness in her tone and lowering her head, she sounded so downbeat and lost.

“My god I’m sorry for your friend, I hope she’ll get better soon. If you need to talk, I’m here for you like you are for me.” she gave her a supporting nod, holding Max’s hands to comfort her. The brunette raised her head and looked in Kate’s hazel eyes, her wide smile made it difficult for Max to remain sad even with all the grim past events of last week. Was the enthusiastic and cheerful Kate back from the dead? Did she really managed to actually do that?

“Thanks, you’re my personal angel Kate. It comforts me to see you smile.” replied Max with wide smile, relieved to have someone she can trust and rely on just like Chloe. Thought she was more ready for the church than ready for the mosh pit.

“You’re too kind” jiggled Kate and quickly followed her sentence “I’m glad to have someone like you.” With a profound and sincere tone.

“I do too Kate,  but I also need to talk to you about something…It’s very important” replied Max.

“What is it about? You know, I wanted to ask you something as well” responded the blonde, she was more confident when talking with Max. You didn’t knew that Max was already aware of what she was about to ask, prepared to answer correctly this time.

”I know what you’re about to ask,” stated Max, but was interrupted by a nurse coming their way.

“Sorry to interrupt your conversation, are you Miss Caulfield? I’m here to” she was cut short by Max.

“Yes! Did you got news about Chloe?! Chloe Price!” She experienced a powerful mix of fear and hope while asking it. Adrenaline took over her body and soul, heart pumping madly to the rhythms of her interrogations.

“Indeed, her state is no longer critical. There is still a low hemorrhagic risk but she has good chance of recovering quickly. The blood loss has been stopped and no vital organ has been touched but the area is at risk of infection so we decided to put her in artificial coma and heavy medication to stabilize her until the situation is cleared. There is good hope, miss Caulfield. She needs to rest a lot.” She finished with a supportive smile.

Max was unable to react, seemingly dismissing the news. her friend on the other hand exploded in joy at the sounds of the good news “Thank God, this is amazing Max!” she precipitate and hugged her, the brunette let out a big sigh of relief and clutched the blonde tightly again. The nurse displayed reacted positively to Kate’s cheerfulness, happy to bring such encouraging news.

She shed tears, this time tears of joy rolled on her freckled face while holding Kate closely in her arms. So much emotions submerged her, she might have succeeded in bringing back two loved ones from the claws of death and time.

“I can’t believe it, did she’ll live for real?! Can we visit her soon?!” She said still in denial of the situation, don’t wanting to believe it.

“You won’t be able to visit her yet, I’m sorry. She is very weak at the moment and she still needs close  medical attention even if the risks involved are minimal, the hospital will contact her family when she’ll get better. I’m happy to bring good news. I’m sorry but I must go back to my duty, have a good day” she walked away leaving the two.

Looking at the hipster, the church girl said “I’m sure things will turns out good for your friend. I’m so happy for you, you’ve been through a lot today.” Kate, radiated so much positivity in this moment that Max barely recognized the silent-gloomy-suicidal poor little church girl, she was over the entire past month.

“We both have Kate, I know you haven’t felt great since the past month and I’m so sorry to not have been present for you in these dark times. I am now here to help you deal with it and talk about it but we should move on from this place to a calmer and quieter place. I’ll go talk to David” her friend listened to her words with great attention and curiosity, she seemed to know what she was talking about to ask every time she spoke. She nodded in acknowledgment and moved on towards the exit.

“Okay, talk to David he seems to need it more than me now, thank you it means so much for me. I’ll be waiting outside” she exited the room and left Max’s line of sight for turned back to face David, still lost in his thinking.

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We need more Marshfield in this! btw the writing’s good and it got the feels kicking in, so good job on that. I would like to see more of this 😀

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