The Price – Chapter 4


She saw the nurse walk over to David and started talking to him. Max’s right hand reached her left shoulder nervously, and waited to see his reaction for signs of good news. While she was observing David, she also thought about Kate.

She thought to herself while looking around her surroundings. “Kate’s looks so much better, I might have saved her from herself and the bullies … for now. I really need to support her by all means now. I should go to the police with her and help with the deposition. But I must convince David that she’s just another victim.”.

The nurse was done talking and wished to him strength and luck for what it is to follow. Max felt David’s relief just by looking at him. She remembered back in the Dark Room when, David shot Jefferson, while he was tied up and unconscious. He did it after finding about his stepdaughter’s tragic fate. Not even Joyce would stand a chance at stopping his rage.

“I need to spare him what he has been through in the past timeline. No parents should ever have to bury their children or feel guilty about an event they couldn’t prevent. I know he truly cares about everyone here, he has many flaws but he still is a real everyday hero.” She thought while moving over to David and brightly smiled to the nurse slowly passing by.

She stopped abruptly when she heard her phone’s ringtone, hastily plunging her hands in her jean’s pockets to find it. Seconds later, she drew it out and saw two missed call from her mom, and she was calling her a third time.

She answered the call immediately, “Mom?! Is that you?!” She yelled through her phone and her mother quickly responded. “Maxine! Honey, are you alright?! Principal Wells called me and said someone got shot at Blackwell and you were last seen heading towards the hospital, I was so dead worried about you.” Vanessa expressed with frightened concern.

Max got a little emotional facing her mother’s concern, “I’m fine Mom. A little shocked but fine.” They both marked a pause for a silence to be created, as a sigh of relief could be heard from her mom. But Max continued her sentence before she could answer, “It’s Chloe, Mom. She got shot while I was hiding in the bathroom,” with a shaken tone in her voice.

“Oh no…I’m so sorry to hear that honey. Do you have any news of her?” replied Vanessa with great concern in her voice.”Yes, hopefully she has a good chance of recovery from her wounds…,” Max marked a pause again, some guilt invaded her thoughts and with teary eyes she continued “I missed her so much, I should have contacted her before all that happened,” she said in a guilty outburst.

“Don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault. And as you said, she has a good chance to be back with you. We miss you so much you can come back to Seattle with us when you’re done at the hospital. Your bed is always ready.” she said in an attempt to comfort her.

“I swear to come back to Seattle soon. Until then, I’ll keep in touch with you as much as I can. Thank you for caring about me so much. I love you, Mom. But I have to go take care of my friends. Kiss Dad for me!” she finished with a reassuring tone.

“I will. I am so proud of you Maxine and how you grown into an adult. Take good care of your friends and call me back real soon, I love you.” Vanessa hung up the call and Max loitered around for a few seconds, refocusing her thoughts on David.

“Now I need to convince and lead him to the truth, and the Dark Room…” Awful memories surfaced back from that night but she quickly chased them out with thoughts about their friends in needs. And bringing justice to Rachel and many of the girls of Arcadia Bay. The hammer will be dropped on those who took part in this infamy, one way or another.

She resumed her stride to David, who is eagerly waiting. Her resolve is strengthened by the will to finally live in peace and end this nightmare once and for all. She reached him.

“David, are you doing alright? It was quite a day…” Said Max with a caring tone almost friendly towards him. She needed to be more careful.

“I am still enraged about what happened but I’m doing better, thanks Max. Chloe is already doing better and there is good signs…she will…Oh god. I was so afraid to lose her…” He seemed on the verge of breaking down in the light of the tragedy that was narrowly escaped. Max quickly sat alongside him and put her right hand on his left shoulder as a sign of support.

“You won’t lose her, Chloe is strong and she won’t give up like that. I need to talk to you about what happened to her and much more. Do I have your attention?” She said with a firm determination, leaving a time to control his emotions.

“You have it. What do you know?” David looked deadly serious following her request for attention.

“I will tell everything that has happened this morning after Mr.Jefferson class. I went to the bathroom to splash some water on my face and vent some stress. Moments later, Nathan bursted though the door and started mumbling things about himself. He seemed completely unstable but troubles really started when Chloe entered and it immediately triggered him. She asked for her money back and threatened him for his drug dealing business, to reveal it all. At this moment, Nathan pointed a gun on Chloe and this escalated to the point of no return. After he shot her, I ran to help her and then you arrived to the rescue.” A desperate tone could be heard in her voice, as she tried holding back the few tears she had left.

Disbelief struck him like thunder at her words and after carefully analyzing her reactions he answered “It’s hard to believe Max … but she’s the kind of getting in trouble quite easily. Are you telling me all the truth or are you hiding something Max?”

“I told you all I know and I will tell you more if I knew. She didn’t acted like that all her life. She changed during those five years but in her heart. She is still the same girl I knew even after I moved out of town and William’s death. Life’s been really hard on her and Joyce too and my absence didn’t helped her at all, I feel guilty about that.” Looking David straight in his eyes, he saw that she was telling the truth. Seeing and feeling her guilt weighting every words she said to him.

After a brief moment of interrogation, he finally knew the girl he was speaking to.

“So you’re that girl on the old photos at the house. No wonder you know a lot about my family. I just wanted to thank you for what you’ve done back there. You have all my gratitude, tell me if I can help you.”

“I’ll do whatever I can for her, but I need to talk to you about Kate Marsh.” She breathed intensely before focusing on the right words to convince him. This conversation will have consequences on events to follow.

“She was in a terrible state for a few weeks and it all started after a Vortex Club party. She attended it and the day after a video of her appeared on the internet. She keeps claiming she wasn’t herself, on the video she acted like someone she is not. It is obvious that she was under the influence and I believe she was drugged against her will by Nathan.” Once again, her eyes were burning with determination. Convincing him was essential to her success.

“Do you have any proof of what you are advancing at? These are pretty grave accusations even if I hate that prick. Any leads to follow or is this pure speculation?” He kept getting even more serious after her accusations.

“I don’t have anything solid yet but given what happened I have serious suspicions. I can try to talk to Kate about that and you can start questioning Nathan about the drugs. All I want is to bring justice to my friends.”

“My job is to protect all students living around here and to investigate if need to be. If Nathan is really involved in this, I’ll find it and add this to his record. I need to get to the police station and see if he talked already. I can get you and Kate to my home so you can get some rest and have a quiet place to stay. I’m sure Joyce will be happy to have you as guests.”

He started to move from his seat and stood up. Quickly followed by Max, feeling grateful for his assistance and hospitality. It was her time to express her gratitude.

“Thank you David, that will help both of us greatly. It will be great to see Joyce again after all those years. I will talk to Kate, can you talk to the Nurse and see when we can visit Chloe?”

“Sure, I’ll join you two in the parking lot.” David nodded in acknowledgement.

They both exited the waiting room, Max went straight outside, and David searched for the nurse. She pushed the door opening to the outside and she stopped for a moment, looking at her blonde friend. Peaceful as always and looking rejuvenated with the light of hope, this sight gave her so much emotions. So many things could have gone wrong but this time it feels different. First saving Chloe and now Kate?

Enjoying every part of this thoughtful moment. She just stood there impressed by the beauty and innocence of the moment happening before her.

“Kate’s happy mood and pose looks so perfect for a photo” she tought

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