Theory/Thoughts Regarding Cause of the Storm and Weather

Spoilers to follow.

“In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.”
“The beat of a butterfly’s wing can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world.”
Chloe is thought to be represented by the blue butterfly, it’s thought to be her spirit animal. What if the beat of Chloe’s heart caused the hurricane? What if each day she’s alive made it stronger?

“You can see the hurricane get bigger each time Max uses her power (in episode 5).” I personally don’t see any change in the size of the storm and can’t find the context of the game where this happens, but let’s assume it’s a possibility. We find out by picking the “other ending” that when Max uses a photo to travel back in time, she erases how many times she’s time-travelled throughout the changes made. Since she travels back to Monday and lets Chloe die, she erases all necessity to rewind during the entire week. If that is the case, then when Max leaps through the photos in the Dark Room and Warren’s photo on Friday to get back to Thursday night (episode 5), rewriting history between Thursday night and Friday morning, she should be erasing the amount of times she’s used the photos to time travel in the Dark Room. Meaning, the storm should have gotten smaller not bigger since Max actually time traveled less than she originally did. What also changes between Thursday night and Friday morning is the amount of time Chloe is alive.
Is it possible that the longer Chloe is alive between Monday and Friday is equal to the strength of the storm?
If she died on Tuesday on the train tracks, would the storm have been smaller or not exist at all?
Is the tornado caused by Max’s Rewind or history adjusting to Chloe being alive when she wouldn’t be?
Is the tornado caused by something else entirely?

A thought: the amount of strange weather, including the massive tornado, is equal to the time Chloe is alive after she would normally not be. The strange weather is possibly the environment adjusting to someone being alive when they should have died, finally coming to some kind of equilibrium with the tornado. If there was something bigger still coming because of Chloe being alive past Friday, Max would have had a vision of that instead of the tornado since it would be the real consequence, the real price.
When Max goes back in time through a photo she alters two very important things: the amount of times she’s used her power, and the amount of time Chloe is alive. Episode 3 and 4 she alters history by saving Williams life, creating an alternate reality. In this reality the strange weather is still happening by the day, but we have no indication that Max unlocked her rewind power on Monday in that alternate history, and alternate William’s life doesn’t appear to have an effect on the weather from 2008-2013. Alternate Max does not write much in her journal, but even if her personality has changed much we might assume she’d write about unlocking time travel powers in her journal if anywhere. Assuming that she has no rewind powers; alternate Max has not used rewind between Monday and Wednesday night, we as Max can rewind once we regain control, but Chloe has been alive between Monday and Wednesday night just as she was in the reality we know where the strange weather is hitting.

Episode 5 Max uses her photo time travel to reset the amount of time she rewinds between Thursday night and Friday morning, in addition to increasing the amount of time Chloe is alive. The storm is already raging while Chloe is dead between Thursday night and Friday morning.Was it already midnight when Chloe was shot by Jefferson? Could a few minutes into Friday be enough to start the tornado? A few minutes before midnight, would the strange weather have ended with the twin moons?
Episode 5 Max can choose to go back to Monday, creating an alternate reality where she did not save Chloe, and did not use rewind between Monday and Friday since she would have no need to. In this choice, Max changes the amount of times she’s used her power to one, and changes the amount of time Chloe lives to zero. Wouldn’t even one use of rewinding result in strange weather on at least one day? We see no snow in the flashback montage.

Problem: The amount of time William is alive is increased by years and no strange weather occurs before Monday 10/2013, no increase in strange weather occurs in the reality we know once we go back to it as the whales and birds have died in both realities.
Possible answer: Chloe’s life is special in some way to reality, fate, the universe at large, to the point that her being alive beyond Monday requires a chaotic adjustment in the environment. If Chloe lives; snow must fall, an eclipse must happen, large numbers of whales and birds have to die, two moons need to be in the sky, and a tornado must form leading to the destruction of Arcadia Bay.

Why is reality adjusting in such a chaotic manner to one life and not another?
Max Caulfield unlocks rewind powers because of Chloe Price, what does Chloe Price unlock in the future?
Does saving Chloe Price do more than unite Max and Chloe beyond Friday?

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