There´s a Price to pay – Chapter 1

She would never forget. How could she, after what she went through to save her, time and again, throu time and realities, lives, and personalities.
She would also never forgive the one that was responsible for her loss, for all her pain and suffering from the beginning. Nathan Presscot.
His introduction, but also the downfall of the broken and manipulated. The day she would find her powers, the very same where she was powerless.
Only as a spectator to the tragedy, her soulmate would be seen and heared for the last time, before the gunshot had broken her heart and soul,
there was no going back now, time had to go on, but the pain was here to stay.

Justice was to come, but only temporarely. 20 years have passed since he was put behind steel bars, but not any longer. Thanks to his father and his connections,
and the strongest of ways, money. What were ages for Nathan, was an eternity for Max, who was counting time to the day she would hopefuly have her revenge.
Life for her since the day she lost everything would never be the same. Unable to talk to anyone about what happened, for nobody would understand what
her poor mind experienced for 5 days of hapiness, love, and in the end, tragic loss. Taking fate into her own hands, she would prepare her own “Dark Room”
at the outskirts of Seatle. Only with the weakest of light sources, one table, two chairs, nothing more was needed to keep her new guest comfortable.


“Hey there, it´s me … Nathan. I just wanted to say hello and ask if we could maybe … see each other, get a cup of coffee ?” he said with an unsettled voice.
“Ou hi, Nate … i … don´t know. And i´m not sure it´s a good idea. What was between us happened a very long time ago, and what happened the last day we saw each other
… i accepted it would be the last time. Memories will never go away, but the ache left me a long time ago and i don´t want it back anymore. I moved on with life
and don´t want anything from the past to haunt me.”
“I know i just … need to talk with someone and you are the only person with who i had the little happiness in my in life.”
” … i´ll have to think about it. But, if anything, i´ll choose the place and time.”
“Thank you, thank you very much Victoria.”
“Beep, beep, beep”.


As the Sun went over the horizon, so did Max’s silhouette, hiding under her hoodie, not interested in the World around her. It was dead to her anyway, and only one life
worth finding, and putting to an end. She kept in contant with a few people from Blackwell Academy over the years just in case Nathan would contant any of them.
The main interest, would obviously be Victoria, with who he had spent most of his time when they were students. So it wasn´t a surprise when Max received a call
from Victoria about Nathan wanting to see her. “Hi Max, i know you wanted me to let you know if Nathan would call me if he´d ever get out of jail. He called me yesterday,
and wanted to see me, but i told him i´ll think about it.” she spoke with a very uneasy voice as she didn´t know what to do.

Max frozen for a moment, realizing it was her one and possibly only chance to do this, but anger took her over. “Just give me his number, you don´t need to know anything
more, i want to leave you out of any danger of what could happen.” Max´s thoughts were full of rage and was unsure what answer she would get, naively hoping Victoria
would accept her request. “Max you sound like you want to hurt him, what´s going on?” Max held her left hand forward, rewinding just enought to take back her last sentece
and to think it through. She took a deep breath, and was calmer now. “I know you and Nathan were close, but you must carry on with your life and leave the past behind you,
becouse none of it matters anymore. Especialy not the person that cause so much sadness in your life and is responsible for such a tragedy. But, i would like to ask  you
a favor. Could you arrange the meeting, but let me go there instead of you ? I need to speak with him, but it needs to be a … surprise. I would be forever in your dept.”

Victorias voice was more peaceful “You´re right, no point in seeing him again. But, yeah, i could do it, after all, that´s what friends are and you helped me out when i needed it, you helped me gain my confidence when i lost it. It´s time for me to return the favor. I´ll text you the details once i make the call with him”. “Thank you Victoria, you´re golden.” Max expressed her gratitude. “No problem Max, see you around”. As Victoria ended the call, Max exhaled heavily “Well, that was easy”.


The next day, Max´s phone rang, new message received – Victoria. “He´s comming to Seatle, He´ll be waiting at the Green Lake Park, N. 54th Street at 7:00 pm”.
Perfect, Max thought to herself, getting ready to hit the road, taking all the neccessary things with her. The end was night. She parked her car around the corner
and decided to walk for the rest of the way, thinking about her next move. The time was 7:10, she was starting to think she missed her mark. She also knew she wouldn´t
be able to recognize Nathan after such a long time, so it was time to improvise.

So she started to ask any person she met along the way what they´re name is, but none would be the one she was looking for. “Hello, sorry to bother you, may i ask
you your name ?”. The man looked confused “Huh ? Hello there. If you want to ask me on a date just ask away”. Max already tired of having similair responses from
other men before, but persisted “Yeah, can i get your number ?” The man smiled “Sure, the name is Nathan Presscot.” She felt like time froze, he was right infront of her,
all her pain and suffering standing there and smiling at her, as if nothing happened. “Hey, you alright ?” he asked . “Now i got you”, she replied silently.

Rewinded, and ready to take action, Max wouldn´t hesitate for a single moment. Taking the syringe out of her pocket, waiting for Nathan to be less observant.
She took the syringe, but Nathan spotted her comming from behind and avoided the needle. Making a quick turn and hitting Max into her cheek. She stumbled, but the hit
wasn´t strong enought to knock her out. Stretching her hand, time would go back before her wreckless move. “Fuck, ouch, well this isn´t going to be that easy”,
she thought to herself and spitting out a bit of blood.

This time she would walk by him, the syringe was once again ready and hidden, Max would wait till the coast was clear and try to spice things up “Hey there babe,
wanna have a good time ?”. Nathan laughed a little as Max was walking closer and closer to him and thinking about what good time is comming for him soon.
“Umm, thank you but i´m waiting for someone already, but i could have time tomorrow if you´re interested” he replied with a smile, that Max would only want to
punch to oblivion. “Aaaah dear but i want you right now” words that would make her skin crawl, but she knew that she had to act it out to get a chance.
She started to get closer to him, almost making body contant, when she would attempt to kiss him, she would carefuly take her syring and stick it into Nathan´s neck,
then she immidiately jumped back in disgust. “WHAT ARE YOU … What have … who …”, Nathan was slowly loosing consciousness and started to trip, falling on the
ground. “Eat shit and die”, were the last words he heared from her before he passed out.


Pitch black, no sounds, no voices. As Nathan woken up, he noticed handcuffs were holding his hands in front of him and his legs tied with duck tape to the chair
he was sitting on. “Hello ? HELLO ? Can anyone hear me ? HELP ME SOMEONE !” His desperate screams echoed through the room. But Max was waiting outside, waiting for the drug to lose it´s effect so that she could confront him.

Max entered the room. Nathan seemed as if he´s almost fallen asleep from all the waiting for the unknown, but that would be soon over as Max´s right hand stretched
forward, her index finger pressed firmly back, the trigger was pulled, the empty case flying from the chamber, only the muzzle echoes through the room as the bullet hits
Nathan, who´s limp body had hit the ground, the same moment as the bullet case. It was only silence left, but also just the beginning, she thought to herself.
Standing there, motionless, she would process that for a moment she achived that for what she waited for 20 years, but whas it enought ? She would not make it
so easy for him, not after all the pain she had to endure for such a long time.

Stretching her left hand, Max rewinded, the casing returning to it´s chamber, Nathan into the chair, the door closed, lights out. A minute has passed, the door opened
and it was once again time to tell Nathan her goodbye. Nathan heared it, but had no time to answer. Only a moment passed, her hand a bit shaken, but already knew what
results to expect. Two shots seemed enought, lifeless, on the ground, it was over, once again, but not the last time. so rewinding took place once again.
The door closed, the room consumed in darkness, Max wanted to continue the same routine she started to ease her anger. But also knew it was time to move forward
and make an introduction.

Opening the door, the outside light hits Nathan, who was more than a little weary and uneasy as to who the kidnapper is, he was frightened and asked, “Who are you ?
What do you want from me ?”. Max stood at the opened door, turning on the dim light that didn´t expose her face too much, only for her to see better at the beaten
person she was holding so much hatred against. She started to slowly walk forward, sat on the chair so that she´ll be face to face with her enemy. She began to stretch
her hand into her jacket, to reveal the gun that belonged to the killer of her closest person, slowly putting in on the table, right between them on one side,
and keys to Nathan´s handcuffs on the other.

“Welcome to my Dark Room. Please behave and stay seated. I am part of the person you killed. The other me died, and the rest is left to walk along side the living,
but really wants to leave. To be with my partner in crime, as her partner, till the end of time”. Nathan didn´t seem to catch up, only looking puzzled as what
philosophical nonsense the woman is telling him. “What are you talking about, what do you want from me woman, why am i here?”.

“I want you … to apologize”, Max said with an expressionless face, her eyes became a bit cloudy. “I want to be with my angel, she´s waiting for me, but i´m still here,
for one final purpose”. Nathan looked at the table, and without second thought took the gun and aimed. Only the expression of anger filled his beaten visage.
The chamber pulled back, echoing through the empty room, but then immidiate silence. “You didn´t apologize”, she said with a calm voice, as she opened her left palm,
revealing she´s taken out the rounds beforehand.

Nathan´s face turned even more scared, as Max stood up, reaching for her pocket to take out her steel tonfa baton and hitting his forearm, breking it. Only a loud
scream was heared with unimaginable pain, the gun fell on the ground with Nathan aswell, as he was trying to cope with the shock of his injury. Max only slowly
walking to pick up the weapon and putting it gently back on the table, ignoring the screams of agony. Max then crouched next to Nathan that was lying on the ground.
“Get used to pain, it´s one of the only feelings you´ll be facing the following days”, she said with a blank stare.

You father has a hella amount of money, but i´m not giving you for no ransom. I have skills that i perfected through the years. If you do what i ask, this will all
be over soon. You won´t suffer anymore, i won´t punish you anymore. But if you don´t … i will hurt you … i will break you … and i will kill you. Goodbye now, Nate.

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