This Action Will Have Consequences

Art is a wonderful thing. It’s a way of communication, a way of expression, a way of sharing an idea, a dream, a desire, a feeling with others. Through words, through music, through visual art, we as artists communicate with the rest of the world.

Every single artist has their signature and their style. Their own message to share with the people around them or worldwide.

Art is also something that takes time, effort and work to be done. Hours, weeks, months. Some masterpieces were made over years of working on them. It can be frustrating and exhausting on many levels; artists have a lot of struggles to face during their job. They dedicate part of their lives to actually make it exist. And as with any form of art, it can be consumed in a few seconds. Just a glance is sometimes enough to catch the message. Sometimes, a couple of paragraphs can be read in just a minute.

All the effort, struggle, pain, sweat, blood and tears the artist put into their work, and yet the public can admire it and absorb it in just a few seconds. It’s what happens and it’s what we do. Art, mostly if its visual, can be fleeting to the public. That doesn’t mean it is not stuck with them, at some point, for a while. Because it has a meaning and a message that reaches other people and establishes a connection.

You may wonder why I’m saying this right now, because if you take a minute to think about the creative process, it’s obvious. Nobody made a masterpiece in fifteen minutes without inspiration and without power, without meaning or focus. Art takes time and effort to be made.

I’m saying this because, apparently, some people can’t understand this simple fact. Some people believe that just because it is online, it belongs to them so they can claim the recognition for a work in which other person probably invested more than just a few hours. They believe they can submit it with no strings attached to win a prize they want deeply, desperately, at the point to not fake one, but three entries for it. No dignity, no pride, no respect for anything – not the artist, not the art, not the message. And much less this community.

I, as one of the administrators of this website and foremost, as an artist and as a person, feel absolutely betrayed and disgusted by this situation. And even if it takes me sleepless nights, I’ll make sure every single entry of every single contest is a product made by whoever is submitting it; that every submission was with a purpose a bit more humble that just to win a prize they don’t deserve, by using someone else’s work while they lazily stay at home, feeling quite proud of being art thieves.

This community represents more than just a game. It represents the will of helping people, the will of making the world a little more brighter if possible. It represents how, if we stick together, we can achieve wonderful things.

This community has no room for dishonest people that basically underestimates the common sense and the values of the people running this website. And even more so, it has no room for those who don’t respect the artists that contribute with their hard work wonderful pieces that fill every single one of us with feelings.

Art theft is a major offence on many levels, not only to us as administrators and especifically me as an artist, but to the community in general and the artist whose art was stolen. Every single person that attempts to earn a prize they didn’t deserve by art theft, will not only have a word with me, but they will also be banned from this website with no chance of return.

Some lessons are learnt the hard way. And it’s really sad that, even if this is the internet, people still underestimate us after all we have achieved.


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Great post. It’s a shame that people will do such a thing. Disgraceful.


Excellent post Mai and I art theft is so wrong.

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