Warrant To Save Lives

“Where did I put it…? Where!?” I shouted at the top of my lungs, digging through piles of papers. It was just like me to lose everything in my mess of a bedroom. I threw the pile of clothes aside, searching under it for my science notes. If I couldn’t find the notes, how else could I see if she was the girl? For months I’ve taken an interest in time travel and I could not let her walk past.
“AHA! Found them!” My eyes scanned the paper looking for the description I had managed to conjure up. I mumbled the description outloud as I made a mental checklist.
“She will have eyes that shine like the transformed butterfly, a hard life, and all signs will be visible with just her smile. She is considered friends with those marked for death, and enemies of those marked for bad concequences.” I thought over Max Caulfield’s face again, her eyes, her smile, and the few friends I know she has here in Blackwell.
“Hey Warren!” I heard Chloe shout at me, her blue hair waving in front of her face.
“Hey Chloe, I just found something really interesting! I think I found the one maxed for time travel.” I said shakingly. Chloe had become my partner in crime after Rachel’s disappearence, asking for help in finding her if she became a scientific subject for me.
“Warren dude, you’re so freaked out with all this time travel shit. Take a chill bro!” She says, plopping onto my bed.
“You know I can’t do that. If she’s the time travel girl, she’s in a lot of danger, and I can’t let that happen to her.” I said, my voice cracking as I rushed over to my chemistry set. The idea that this beautiful girl was in such danger hurt, and I couldn’t let that happen.
“Alright dude, just tell me what you need.” She said, picking herself up off the bed. I smiled, mixing together two drinks.
“What I need is to get rid of her time travel powers before she can use them. Get my flask of white.” I said, pointing in the general direction of the liquid. She handed it off to me, and I poored it slowly.
“Chloe?!” A white flash engulfed the room as the mixture bubbled and brew, I shielded my eyes, as I backed away from the liquid. I fell backwards, grabbing for Chloe only to be unable to reach her.

I walked out of my dorm, the October air chilling me. Sheesh, it feels like September was only yesterday.  I smiled, the smell of Blackwell’s pictures, jocks, and hot girls filling the air. I laughed, pulling out my phone to text Max, the most beautiful girl on campus. I heard someone yell, and a girl with a black beanie and blue hair angerly stormed into the school, and I laughed. Welcome to Blackwell, I thought.
Warren: Be sure to meet with me to get the science notes. Don’t want you to fail this test!
Max: On it Warren.
Funny enough, I didn’t remember the past month of my life, it all felt like I time traveled into the future, but I still had the knowledge of the events that happened over the past month. Except for September 3rd, that day is the most blurry. I think I sat in bed that entire day. I had a major headache for some reason and that blue haired girl didn’t leave my mind. I felt like I had met her before, but I couldn’t place where.
Oh well, I guess life is strange in that way.

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